We’re Having (had) a Baby!

But you probably knew that already!

We are just a couple months away from the arrival of this third babe! As the days fly by…maybe not always as quickly as I would like them to…I am definitely feeling all the feels.

All of us are so excited to meet Baby B!

I get asked all the time if we were planning this pregnancy. I have to be honest and say, I can’t stand this question. First of all, I think that is a pretty personal thing to ask someone, especially if you don’t know them very well. Plus you never know what they are going through, and this could be a sensitive subject for many couples.

And second, I just don’t think it is anyone’s business to be asking about my sex life unless I offer that information…because let’s be honest, that is basically what they are asking. My vague response to that question is usually, “Well, we both have always wanted a big family!”

We’ve always wanted a big family!

It has never been a question if we wanted more children.

Most people who know me, know that I would love to have a big family. I grew up with eight siblings–seven sisters and one brother. Yes, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, that poor boy.” No, not really, he holds his own pretty well.

All nine of us with our parents

Growing up with that many siblings was the best thing! Maybe I didn’t think so when I was a child, but looking back, I would not have changed a thing.

My family is very close. We were all close growing up (for the most part, obviously, we had our share of sibling disputes), and even as adults we are still tightly knit. So in my eyes, a large family has always appealed to me.

Feelings about Baby #3

I don’t have many reservations about the arrival of this little love. Since this is my third, I feel I have a good grasp on what to expect. Many mothers have told me the transition from 2-3 kids was easier than the transition from 1-2.

That gives me hope!

Obviously, there is no guarantee, but it gives me confidence knowing I have done this with two, and I can do it again. Plus, I was created to be a mother, and my body was designed to birth children, so I can feel empowered to deliver and parent these babies who have been given to me.

Bump Photo at 30 weeks pregnant

Whatever the case may be, we will take it one day at a time, and it will be a learning process for each of us.

After all, this is my calling.

*Updated to add: If you know me or have followed me for any bit of time, you know that we added Baby Millie to our family in late March, 2019. The transition to 3 was great, and she has been such a joyful addition to our family.


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