Word for the Year- “Fearless”


This is the year to make bold changes (no, I am not getting bangs)!

This is the year to jump into a dream or adventure that you’ve been putting off for too long and just go for it!

This is the year to be fearless and do what scares you!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the motivational speaking…

But seriously… Before any of the crazy events of the year happened, I chose the word, “fearless” as my word for 2020. I want this to be the year that I fear less.

If you’ve been following me for a while then you may know that I recently had both of my hips replaced in November of 2019 (That is another story for another day). Because I lived with chronic pain for 10 years, I grew to be a fearful person. I always had to mentally evaluate an action or situation based on my pain tolerance. I learned how to discern the easy route and avoid any action that could cause me pain. I dreaded that feeling, and did all I could to minimize it.

With the beginning of the new year and the new decade, I wanted to choose a word that would really carry me through this year. At the time, I was two months post-op from my bilateral hip replacement and I was starting to feel great. The stronger I became, the more I realized that maybe there was hope I wouldn’t have to live in such a state of caution anymore. I began to experience new things and gain back some of the courage I had lost.

So after much praying, God gave me the word “fearless.”

And with that word and the strength that only God can give, I am choosing to embrace the things that scare me or the things that used to put a halt in my step (figuratively AND literally). One of those things is this blog. If you notice the time stamp on some of my previous posts, you will see they are from 2 years ago. Well, that is because I actually started this blog 2 years ago. I had a few posts written and ready to go, and was close to making it official.

Then I got pregnant with Amelia.


I was so sick during her pregnancy that I couldn’t even sit and look at my phone or computer. I decided I had to put my blog and my Instagram on hold until I would be able to give it my time and energy and really do it well.

So many things happened during those two years that enforced my decision to wait. And I see it as God’s timing. He needed me to be focused on my family and my health and my walk with him.

Now here I am. Excited to share all the things with you!

Drop a comment! Tell me who you are and what type of content you want to see from me on this space!

Let’s be friends!



  1. Hey Emily! I’m excited to follow your blog! Love your home design so much!

    1. Author

      Hi Sara! Thank you so much for your kind words and for following along. I hope you and the fam are doing well!

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